Veneer Collection

BF Workshops, Inc. offers a wide selection of wood veneer currently in stock. Designers, architects, and private clients may choose from a rich variety of fine wood veneers with exquisite grain patterns and colors for the fabrication of furniture, cabinetry, and architectural elements, including wall paneling and doors. The species of wood (varying from domestic to exotic), or the manner in which the veneer is cut, as well as how the veneer pieces are assembled together create an immense variation of design possibilities. Combined with inlayed metal, mother of pearl, bone, skins, and other materials, veneers bring to life the sense of luxury and elegance.

Wood veneers, when applied to the proper substrate, do not bend or distort as solid wood does, and they have the ability to withstand damage from humidity and temperature fluctuations. Modern technology of utilizing veneer in furniture and architecture makes it possible to fabricate long lasting objects.

Please see our vast portfolio of projects, where combination of old world craftsmanship and modern technology grants perfection in execution of the most creative design concepts.

Veneers available at BW Workshops, Inc.